Management of Critical & Surgical Illness viz. All Kinds Of Hernia, Hydrocele, Appendix, Benign Breast Tumours, Removal Of Warts, Moles Etc..

Stomach Cancer  Gallbladder Cancer  Colonic Cancer Periampular Cancer Cancer Pancreas  Liver Resection Rectal Cancer ( Low Anterior Resection & Abdo-Perianal Resection )  Cancer Breast ( Modified Radical Mastectomy)

Gall Stones,  Hernia ( Inguinal & Incisional),  Hiatus Hernia,  By-pass Surgery for Gastric Outlet Obstructions,  Lap Colonic Ressections for Cancer Colon, Bariartric Surgery,  Lap Cystogastrostomy, Lap Spleenectomy,  Laparoscopic Surgery for Other Abdominal Diseases.

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeries, Small Intestinal Obstruction & Bypass Surgeries

All Abdominal Emergencies  Blunt Trauma Sharp Trauma Penetrating Trauma Gun Shot Injuries