Minimul Laproscopy

Gall Stone  Harnia ( Inguinal & Incisional)  Hytus Harnia  Bi-pass Surgery For Gastric Outlet Obstructions  Lap Colonic Reactions For Cancer Colon Bariartric Surgery  Lap Cystogastrostomy Lap Splinectomy  Laproscopic Surgery For Other Abdominal Diseases

Emergency And Trauma

  • All Abdominal Emergencies
  •  Blant Trauma
  • Sharp Trauma
  • Penetrating Trauma
  • Gun Shot Injuries
  • Dhanwantaree Clinic


Management On Critical & Surgical Illness viz. All Kinds Of Harnia, Hydrocills, Benin Breast Tumors, Removal Of Wats, Moles Etc..


Stomach Cancer  Gallbladder Cancer  Colonic Cancer Periamph Cancer Cancer Pancreas  Liver Resection Rectal Cancer ( Low Anterior Reaction & Abdo-Perinal Reaction)  Cancer Breast ( Modified Redical Masticone)

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Upper G.I Track Small Intestine Obstruction & Bi-Pass